Welcome to Other Words Books

We are a small bookshop dedicated to bringing you the best in translated fiction from around the globe. Our mission is to help you explore the world through international literature, and shine a light on some of the many writers who deserve more exposure in the crowded English language market.

We stock a small but ever-growing and ever-changing range of carefully selected new and secondhand books, mainly fiction from the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. So join the mailing list and be first to hear about new arrivals to the shop, as well as occasional articles on featured authors, translators and prize winners.

Other Words comes to you from a village by the sea in rural Galloway, just a few miles from Wigtown, Scotland’s National Book Town.

About Claire

I have always had a passion for languages, ignited many years ago by my first French teacher (thank you, Mrs Jones!). Spanish, then Italian followed and although I went on to pursue a music degree, the study of those languages, mostly through literature, has remained a continuous thread.

I believe that stories are a powerful and important tool in helping us to understand other lands and cultures. They connect us with people who might not share our language but whose experiences can change the way we see the world and our own place in it.

Books have meant so much to me during these difficult months. So many of us have been reading more, or have returned to reading, for pleasure and a sense of escape. I hope the titles I select will open doors to distant places even while we can’t travel to them.